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The Thomas Family Orchard
Hallwood, Yuba County, CA

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Almost Harvest

At harvest time, the trees are mechanically shaken leaving nuts on the orchard floor. The nuts are then swept to the row center and picked up.

Harvest, cleaning, drying, hulling

Orchard Tour

To understand walnut harvesting it’s a great idea to take a tour. Much like a winery there is much to learn and all of it interesting. 

Harvest time in California - Thomas Family Orchard

Walnut Cleaning & Drying

Carts are emptied and head for the huller for bathing, hulling, then drying prudently at a particular moisture level.

10-50 pound bags wholesale retail farm direct sales

Our walnuts are available in 10-50 lb. bags (unshelled) 

and 1lb. bags (shelled)

1 lb bags Thomas Family Orchard Yuba County

Generally Speaking ...

California walnuts mature in September-October.  Nuts begin to fall to the ground. Therefore, harvest needs to begin promptly so no mold accumulates. After shaking thousands of nuts, they are swept and vacuumed by a “pickup machine” which dusts out debris then into the cart they go for cleaning and drying. The harvest season is usually October-November.

Read all about the harvest process here (courtesy of the California Walnut Board): 

About Us

We are a Family owned small walnut business located in the farming community of Hallwood, Yuba County, California.  Hallwood traverses along the Yuba river located in the Northern part of California’s Central Valley.  Our community consists of mostly small generational walnut farms that were established and have successfully flourished, in part, because of the excellent sandy loam soils that are arguably the best for growing walnuts. Our family does all our own work from planting to harvesting. There is a walnut dryer located in Hallwood that dries most all the nuts for the local farms.  We love our work and take pride in growing the very best product for our consumers.  Our trees are the Tulare and Hartley variety. 

Over 99% of walnuts grown in the United States are grown in California’s Central Valley. 

Our Family is proud to be part of this industry.  We are here to answer all your questions and bring a quality product to you, our customer.  Sincerely, Bill and Kim Thomas (530) 682-2961.

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Discover fabulous recipes, videos, how-to’s, and nutrition information from Get nutrition tips based on health benefits of California walnuts and much more. The California Walnut Board and California Walnut Commission represent the California walnut industry, made up nearly 100 handlers and 4,800+ growers.

Thomas Family Orchard Hallwood, Yuba County

Thomas Family Farm

Bill & Kim Thomas, Proprietors

2202-B Powell Road

Hallwood, Yuba County, CA 95901

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